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Supershow (Import Gebruikt)

The Last Great Jam Of The 60's! In a disused linoleum factory to the west of London some of the cream of rock blues and jazz talent were brought together for an historic and amazing session. In the 60's this is what was known as FUNKY! A howling stomping virtuoso two days of brilliant music, at the same time redolent of the late 60's, and timeless. Who was there? Eric Clapton was, and Jack Bruce and Buddy Guy, meeting Eric for the first time in what was to be a long relationship of the two greatest blues guitarists of a generation. Great drummers Buddy Miles and John Hiseman and the enigmatic superstar Steven Stills. The extraordinary jazz legend Roland Kirk plays with his Quartet and then jams with the rockers. The Modern Jazz quartet, one of the greatest, but rarely seen, ensembles in the history of modern music add an ethereal, spacey calm to the proceedings. Only to have it shattered by Buddy, Jack, Buddy, Dick Heckstall-Smith, et al, jumping through Mary Had A Little Lamb! John Hiseman's ground breaking Colosseum kick off the show with the aptly named 'Those Who Are About To Die Salute You'. Then what follows is a seamless never-ending night of amazing music. A powerful, haunting record of one of the last great sixties musical events. Just to see and hear Eric, Buddy, Roland and Steven and all the other great musicians jamming the blues is a once in a lifetime experience.

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